Children’s Book “Where’s Trumpet?”

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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I purchased this book myself. Jeanne Hynes is a friend and wanted to share on my own.
where's trumpet

Children’s Book “Where’s Trumpet ? “

Gabby and Maxwell made a wonderful new friend at the zoo today! She’s a baby elephant named Trumpet! They made lots of plans to have so much fun together and share their favorite things. But the next morning, Mr. BlueJay came to their home with the news that their new friend TRUMPET IS MISSING! Gabby and Maxwell promised Mrs. Elephant that they would search far and wide for their new friend Trumpet. Question is, where oh where could Trumpet have gone?

Where’s Trumpet” features large 8 ½ x 11” pages with full color illustrations. The 40-page story kicks off the Gabby and Maxwell adventure series that will delight children of all ages! This tale will make you feel as if you are right beside the pups as they search far and wide for their new friend Trumpet. There is also a beautiful bonus section of photographs featuring these adventurous pups!

Jeanne Grant Hynes and Bob Rankin have been working hard this year to bring you a Easter story. “Gabby and Maxwell’s Great Easter Egg Mystery, with Cokie Cat”. This book is a mystery and has a few twists and turns in it that will be sure to keep you on your toes! It would interest children beginning at three years old and up. This book should be on the website for purchase in the beginning of March, 2017.

In November, a Christmas story titled, “A Home for Christmas”. This is a heartwarming story that will interest children beginning a two years old and up and will be available on the website for purchase in the beginning of November, 2017.

As you all know, I have four Labradors and I met Jeanne through some Facebook groups. Jeanne has a heart of gold and I could not be any happier to share about her books she and Bob Rankin worked so hard on this year.

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You can also order your very own plush toys of Gabby and Maxwell and children’s book here.


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