Weekly Meal Plan

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It is time to start thinking about next weeks meal plan. This will be my third week of meal planning. So far, I think I have done pretty well. On Friday after I get off work I will go to the grocery store. I will pick up all the ingredients to make these meals. I will double check my pantry for items that I already have on hand. For example we have a lot of venison beef. I would like to use  some of the beef we have. I am so tired of eating the same thing week after week so this is one reason I like the meal planning. My boss lady also requested my ingredient list. My boss does not cook very often. I told her how much I love using the slow cooker/ Ninja.

Spicy Sausage Pasta ( I love this so much that it will be a regular menu item)

Un-Stuffed Cabbage 

Chicken Thighs

Meat Loaf

Sausage Dip ( This is like a appetizer but my husband likes it as a meal)

Mexican Casserole 

I will say I feel as if I am saving more money by cooking at home. Most of these meals can also be cooked in the slow cooker. I love simple and good recipes. I do not want a ton of steps involved in cooking. Some meals are easier than others. Sometimes, we may also have some left overs so that will give me one night off from cooking.

What do you cook on a regular basis? We usually have the same thing every week until I started this meal planning. I know my husband likes my planning. He does not have to cook as often. I take care of everything the night before work.




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