Tools You Should Have for Basic Plumbing Repair

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Tools You Should Have for Basic Plumbing Repair

            There are tools that most homeowners should have on hand to fix basic plumbing issues.  Of course if it is a more serious problem, you will need to choose a specialist in plumbing.

            A hacksaw is a useful tool because it is very versatile.  A hacksaw will cut through metal pipes, screws, bolts, nuts, hardware and plastic pipes.  You want to be sure that the blade is tense in the frame for cuts that are hard to do.  You want to have extra blades on hand as well.  If you need to cut in a spot that is hard to get to, you can wrap an end of a loose blade in cloth so that it creates a handle and then you can cut the pipe that way.

            A plunger is a must have for all bathrooms.  Plungers do not cost much money but they are one of the handiest tools to have in the home.  The plunger is often called a plumbers best friend because it is great for unclogging drains.  The plunger can loosen clogs from toilets, showers, sinks, bathtubs and floor drains. 

            A pipe wrench is a big tool that is rather heavy.  Pipe wrenches are used to loosen and tighten pipes that are threaded and nuts as well as fittings.  You should have two of these on hand because you will need one for turning and other for holding. 

Pipe wrenches have serrated teeth that assist you in gripping but at the same time, it can also do damage to the finish on the fixtures so you may want to consider wrapping the serrated parts in cloth to prevent damage.

            These tools are ones you should have for basic repairs.  If your issues go beyond the basics, you will need to hire an expert in plumbing.  For more information, consult the internet.