Pilar® Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology and Soap Dispenser

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If you remember in December, my husband and I purchased a new home to us, but it needed several repairs. Our old faucet was leaking really badly. My counter would be covered in water. I was thrilled to be able to work with Delta Faucet to review a new a Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch20 Technology and Soap Dispenser. This faucet is amazing, and will save me money. You heard that right it will save me money, I pay a water bill and this Touch20 Faucet will automatically shut off if left on longer than 4 minutes. I have a awful habit of washing dishes and leaving the water running the entire time. My water bill keeps growing in this house, and I hope to see a reduction in my bill thanks to this faucet.

I love how this is practically hands free faucet. You can touch the nozzle, or the handle with a body part and it will turn on. How awesome is that? The faucet has a pull down sprayer, that will reach both sides of the sink at 62″ long. The LED lights are temp sense and indicates the water temperature. The battery life will last approximately 2 years. The soap dispenser is great so I have have a clutter free sink. You can get this faucet in stainless, chrome, and bronze. I picked out the stainless faucet. My kitchen sink needs to be replaced soon. This is a porcelain sink and I can not get the bottom of the sink white again. I have used every cleaner known to man and it still looks dirty.

*** The sprayer to the right of the faucet is an original , my husband did not remove when he installed due to we would have a open hole in the sink area***

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Watch the video and comment below what your favorite feature is on this faucet. I will use Random org to pick a winner .

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Congrats Moira!!!


  1. Stefanie Roy says:

    This faucet is so sleek and clean looking. I love how the “touch” technology helps keep cross-contamination from occurring. Would love to get one of these in my kitchen!

  2. Hands free is awesome! Especially when your hands are goupy with chicken stuff. The temp sensitive light would be great for my kids. They always get a drink while I am washing dishes and complain that the water is hot. LOL

  3. Love the magnetic docking system and the ability to be manual as well!

  4. I love everything about this faucet!!! Especially the Touch 20 feature and it being higher to get bigger pots underneath, and that i t will go 360°. I really need a new faucet because when we bought our new to us house, the faucet leaked, they replaced it with a cheap one and crossed the wires, so hot is cold/ cold is hot!! VERY aggravating!!!

  5. Jessica says:

    I think hands free is an awesome feature that would come in very handy at my house! The magnetic docking system is a nice feature too.

  6. I love the magnetic docking system

  7. Caitlin says:

    Hands free is the key with this faucet!! As a mother with two very young kids I am always sticky . Being able to avoid getting everything else sticky in the process of cleaning my hands or my littles hands would be awesome !

  8. The temp sensitive light is a unique feature , especially for families with children . Also the automatic shut off is a nice touch .

  9. would be so easy to use with the hand free and the style is awesome those 2 features are my favorite

  10. I love the pull down sprayer. We have one that is separate from the faucet and while I like it, it’s old and annoying. I would LOVE a new one!

  11. The hands free feature is by far my favorite thing. It would make it so much easier to wash up after dealing with raw foods when choking!

  12. I love that you can just tap it to turn it on and off!

  13. I love the pull down sprayer, so handy!

  14. My favorite feature is the tap anywhere. We have a lot of paint moments in our house, like weekly, so thats a fantastic feature!

  15. I love the magnetic docking and the hands free!

  16. Clumpsofmascara says:

    My favorite feature? The fact that the batteries only need to be replaced once a year. Sounds like a winner to me!

  17. I LOVE the tap technology!

  18. Moira Kammerer says:

    This faucet would be a great additon to my new kitchen. I love cooking for my large family and family reunions. This sleek, high tech, touch faucet would make cooking so much easier. Delta has always been my choice.
    Besides my neices name is Pilar! lol.

  19. I love that this is touch free (hands free). With dirt and germs everywhere…it is nice knowing that after I have been touching chicken or gardening that I am not going to get all of those germs all over the faucet.

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