Picture Keeper For Cell Phone

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Picture Keeper

The Picture Keeper is a must have for anyone who takes a lot of pictures on your cell phone. I have so many pictures on my cell that even my online backup is full with Verizon. Whether you run out of space or get a new device – it is important to backup your memories so you can keep creating new ones.

Use the Free Picture Keeper Connect to facilitate the easy transfer of photos, videos and contacts from your smartphone or tablet to your computer. Connect makes it easy to backup directly from your phone/tablet to USB! The Picture Keeper Connect device plugs directly into the charging port of your phone/tablet for simple, easy backup of your data right to a portable compact USB drive! How it Works: 
1. Plug Connect into smartphone, tablet or computer. 2. Launch Picture Keeper Connect app. 3. Click “Start Backup” to get started. Initial backup saves all photos, videos and contacts. Future backups only save newly added files. When one Picture Keeper Connect fills up, the next one picks up where the last left off.

The Picture Keeper comes in 16GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB.  Using the Picture Keeper is a easy, no fuss backup for all of your memories. I once lost all my pictures on my desk top, and I was so upset. I had never really thought about a backup for my cell until recently. I paid for extra storage then used up all the storage. I have come to realize videos uses a lot of the storage. As, you may know I am always taking videos of my dogs. I hated having to upload the videos to You Tube.  I can now save my pictures and videos with ease.





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