Nature’s Logic Labrador Approved

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Disclaimer: I was sent a 20 lb bag of Nature’s Logic and some dog treats for the Labradors to try out. No other compensation was provided.

Nature’s Logic Labrador Approved

My labs will often try out new food. They tried Nature’s Logic Nature’s Logic and approved. Hunley not long ago was not eating her food. I had to start watching her to make sure she would eat and not allow the others around so she would eat. Hunley is the one that is eating alone as she will not eat with the group.

I would like to feed my dogs the best of the best when it comes to dog food. However, that is a flood gate to a huge debate. So many people have so many different views when it comes to dog food. While as a blogger, my dogs tend to¬† try out different brands of food. I am open to trying new foods as sometimes even us humans get bored with certain foods at times. I know, I wouldn’t want to only eat chicken everyday for 365 days .That is no different with my dogs.

Let me tell you some information on why I like Nature’s Logic

  • 100% all natural whole food ingredients.
  • No Man-made, chemically Synthesized vitamins, minerals or amino acids.
  • No chemical preservatives, artificial flavorings or colorings
  • No corn, wheat, soy, rice, potato, tapioca or peas

My dogs ate all their food within a matter of minutes. They loved the food. Yeah, I know some may think a lab will eat anything but that is not always true. Sometimes, dogs can be very picky just as any person can be when it comes to food.

Nature’s Logic carries dry, raw and treats for dogs. They have dry, can food , litter for cats. Nature’s Logic also carries supplements for your pets.

I would love to know what you feed your pets and why .

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