Rachel’s Journey

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Rachel Reynolds


Rachel’s Story:

My daughter met Rachel last year. Their boyfriends were friends and they went on several double dates. In January, they all were going to go out one night. Then, my daughter received a text from Rachel saying ” I have Cancer” . At first, my daughter was not sure whether to believe Rachel. She thought she was joking at first. What 17 year old gets cancer?

January 2014 , Rachel went to the doctor because she had a bad pain in her side. A xray revealed a large mass under in her collar bone…which led to cat scan….which led to suspected sarcoma that began in her right rib.

Rachel’s mom reported on January 26,2014 that the doctors know she has cancer and it is in stage 4…as tumors and cancer cells begin to spread.

Rachel has had many test trying to find out exactly what type of cancer she has. They know it is very rare. Rachel’s parents decided to get a second opinion and went to Sloan Hospital in New York. They chose Sloan hospital  in New York because they specialize in rare sarcomas. The pet scan revealed cancer cells already in both lungs as well as tumor in right lung….adrenal glands and tumors growing elsewhere like on ovary and bone next to heart. This was  February 18,2014.

Rachel returned back to South Carolina after having intense treatment at Sloan hospital in New York. Rachel is getting treatment at MUSC also. For the month of March, Rachel had been in and out of the hospital. She also was getting ready to make another trip to New York. On March 18, 2014 they received the news that the cancer and tumors were shrinking. As they headed back to New York for intense treatment.  The doctors were not sure if the Chemo would work since they can not figure out the type of cancer Rachel has, other than tell them it is rare. They had told them if the Chemo did not work, they would lose Rachel in a matter of weeks.

On March 22,2014 Rachel got to meet Taylor Swift. Taylor was visiting patients in the Sloan hospital that day.

taylor swift


Rachel came back to South Carolina on March 27,2014.  Rachel put on makeup and sat in the sun a bit on March 31st. Julie, says that is the first since she found out she had cancer. As April approaches Rachel was able to venture out some. She went to the Flowertown Festival. Rachel also went to a baseball game.  She was able to visit with some friends again.

On April 7,2014, the doctors some black on the chest xray scans. This is great! They don’t want white. Blood work was fine. Pallets back up…border line for blood transfusion but we will recheck that Thursday. But the best news came out of the conversation Julie had with Rachel’s doctor. At first they told them they would lose Rachel in a few weeks if Chemo didn’t work. Well, the Chemo did work and the weeks have passed by and she is still here. Then they told them they would still lose her anyways, and gave them 3 to 6 months at most. Now the doctor says she is confident enough to extend it to 6 to 12.months. That they didn’t expect Rachel to have done so well.

Rachel had some good days in April. She drove her truck, she cooked dinner. Rachel went to see Billy Currington in concert. Then, April 15,2014 Rachel went back to Sloan.  Rachel developed a cancerous tumor under her arm. They removed the tumor and increased pain medicine. April 27th, Rachel came back to South Carolina.  Rachel was in and out of MUSC for testing and blood transfusions.

As we approach May 1st, Rachel’s immune system is zero. May 2nd Rachel was feeling a little bit better. May 10th Rachel went with the “Make A Wish Foundation” and had a fun shopping trip. May 18th Rachel had her graduation party. My daughter was thrilled to be invited. My daughters job was wonderful in making sure she was off because she was scheduled to work. Rachel’s party was supposed to be the following week. However, the date was changed and my daughter was worried she was not going to be able to go.



Hospice has been in and out helping with Rachel.  The early hours of May 24th Rachel went to be with the Lord.

Rachel had a huge impact with her strength a courage to fight cancer. Even though I did not personally know Rachel. I followed her story each and every day.  My daughter loved Rachel and talked about her all the time.

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