Low Carb With Zaycon Fresh

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Low Carb With Zaycon Fresh

This is a new year and a new me and eating low carb with Zaycon Fresh makes life easy. I am tired of being overweight and want to make a change. I am on my 3rd week of eating low carb and I am down 10 lbs so far. My husband and I are going to Jamaica in May and decided I did not want to as for a seat belt extender of the air plane. I am always so embarrassed to have to ask and once I didn’t ask and flew without being buckled.

Zaycon Fresh has some of the best meat selections and has great sales from time to time. I decided I needed more chicken, pork chops and breakfast sausage. All of these can be eaten on my new way of eating with low carb. I will plan to buy some bacon when it gets closer time for bacon deliveries. Zaycon Fresh has the best bacon I have ever ate in my life.

When eating low carb , I have found it to be easier to meal prep and eating at home so much easier than eating fast food. I have learned to take my lunch to work instead of grabbing fast food. Some may think you spend more to eat healthy but that is not all true. I guess it could depending on what you are buying but it does not have to cost a fortune to eat healthy and save money. By taking my lunch to work I am saving a lot of money. Sometimes, I could spend $15 on lunch and that adds up 5 days a week.

You have to find what is the best eating plan for you, I am not one that likes to count points and I am not big on phone apps so low carb works for me.


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