Life With Berkeley

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Life With Berkeley

We are a family of four Labradors. They each have their own different personality. Of course you always have that one that is the trouble maker, the one that makes you laugh, the one that keeps you on your A game. With my gang, it is Berkeley who keeps me on track.

When we brought Berkeley home for the first time, I had a litter of puppies. The puppies went to their new homes and we kept one of the puppies. We went from two Labradors to four. What was I thinking? How my life that I had known of easy days to pure chaos with two puppies, and Molly, and Bailey. As the months went by, and the sleepless nights, puppies peeing  all over the house,chewing my only key fob to my car, shoes, an whatever else they could destroy. I wouldn’t change anything at all. I can not recall how I ever lived without my little family of chaos.

Berkeley is the entertainer of the bunch. Hunley is the same age as Berkeley but she is pretty much the calm puppy. You can read about my scare with Hunley here. Bailey is three and Molly is nine.

Hunley below


Bailey and Hunley’s mom


Molly below


We have had lots of fun with all these dogs. They have gone boating, camping, hunting and so much more. Berkeley tends to like to hump little boys the older he gets. My husband used to be able to take him to the hunting club but he likes to love little boys and I now keep him home with me. I sure don’t need him hurting a little kid.- Life With Berkeley


Life With Berkeley can be a little entertaining to say the least.

Another day, Berkeley thought he would come over the porch railing. My husband was in the yard and I had just pulled in the driveway with lunch. Berkeley was so excited he came over the railing to get to me. We are so grateful he did not get hurt. He landed on the golf cart.  -Life With Berkeley


Life With Berkeley

My husband noticed a lump on Berkeley so off to the vet we went. The first vet said it was a swollen lymph node and gave him some antibiotics. Well, the lump did not go away so we went to another vet and she did absolutely nothing. So, we went to another vet, they tested the node and it was a swollen salivary gland.  They then referred us to a specialist with the recommendation to remove the salivary gland. Well, this is expensive so I started selling everything possible to get the money to have his surgery. I managed to gather all monies needed within 2 weeks and had a few people donate the last little bit left I needed.

Berkeley had surgery last Wednesday and has been great ever since. We go back on January 2nd to have his staples removed. I had every emotion possible concerning surgery. I was so afraid something awful was going to happen. I could not bare to loose my boy. He is only 17 month old.  The specialist tested Berkeley’s gland and he does not have cancer . I think it must be standard to test but was relieved to know he is all good.


As you can see we have lots of entertainment with all my dogs and I would not change one minute of it. Until next time, I am sure there will be another story.






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