Leaf Box Silhouette Tutorial

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Leaf Box 2

Leaf Box Silhouette Tutorial

Materials Needed:
Silhouette Cutting Machine
Scotch Adhesive Quick Dry Glue
Vellum Paper
Silhouette Cutting Mat
Leaf Box Silhouette File

Head over to the Silhouette Studio Online Program and grab this Leaf Box File for just $0.75.
Once you grab that file head over to the Silhouette Studio Software and open your file onto the screen.
The file is already in the proper size for you and all you have to do is right click the image and “Release compound path” and then right click again and select “ungroup”.
Now your image is in 3 different groups. You have your leaf cut out box, a square which is the base of your box and 4 individual squares for the vellum overlays.
We are going to do our first cut on the leaf box and the bottom square base so remove everything else off to the side. Please do not resize the box as it will mess up the dimensions for the rest of the pieces.
Head over to cut settings and make sure your material is set to cardstock and a blade setting of 3, than send to silhouette. After your cut is complete remove the cardstock from the mat and get ready for your next cut of vellum.
Apply your vellum to your mat and choose the blade setting of 2 and material paper. Once the cut is complete remove it from the mat and set aside.
Now that the cutting is complete, the assembly can begin. Start by folding your perforated and then lay your paper flat and using your scotch quick adhesive dry glue start tracing the leaf with glue and attach the vellum paper to the inside of the box. Repeat this for all 4 leaf openings.
Next we are going to attach our base to the box by gluing the edges to the bottom of the box and folding along the way to enclose our box. Now we are going to bring the top to a dome shape and close with a pretty ribbon. That’s it! If you want to add a little glow just drop in a battery operated tea light and watch the beautiful glow in any room.

Leaf Box Assem Leaf Box Assem2 Leaf Box Assem3Luminary Leaf


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