How to Organize Your Pinterest Boards to Your Advantage

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Pinterest is an extremely popular social interaction tool and whether you are trying to promote your blog posts or a business, organization is a must! The Pinterest boards are designed to reflect your interests, and personality. Therefore it is important that you take some time in organizing your boards to your advantage.

In fact, how you arrange your boards is vital in enhancing your brand and increasing your followers. Many pinners are not aware of how to organize them properly, and hence, the poor page views, shares or repins.

As for the content, recipes, diy, and crafts seem to be the most popular. Therefore, it is important that your boards that contain relevant content such as what is noted above be placed strategically on your Pinterest profile or page. Recent eye tracking studies show that content that is placed in the top two rows of a Pinterest board obtain the most views. Therefore, it is recommended that you place your most relevant content within these rows.

Some editing changes may be required in order to entice the viewer to click the image to view the content. Always make sure that a high quality photo with a clear image is used as your board cover. This way you will be sure to gain interest of Pinterest board viewers.

Some Pinterest pinners will utilize the top two rows for recipes, the next for fashion, art, beauty, or something that is of interest to them, and then other types of boards underneath. Another strategy that seems to work is to change up the board cover every occasionally to entice new views.

Seasonal/Holiday boards also seem to do very well. It is vital that you move your boards around to make sure that your seasonal/holiday boards are within the first two rows when that particular holiday approaches. People will be looking for new ideas, and what better way to find a holiday craft or recipe, then having it smack, dab, within their eyesight, at the top rows of your Pinterest profile.

You will see an increase in your Pinterest board views if you take some time in organizing them correctly. The above-mentioned tips will explain just how important it is for you to do just that!

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