How To Make A Mesh Wreath

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The items you will need are a wire wreath no larger than 18 inches, green wire wreath ties (or pipe cleaners), and deco mesh. Our local craft store only had the longer rolls of deco mesh in stock. If you get the smaller rolls you will need 2 of them at least since they are half the size. They are nice if you are wanting to make colorful wreaths. This tutorial is done with the larger deco mesh. You will need to adjust the instructions if you get the smaller rolls. All of these items can be purchased at your local craft store for under $10 if you use one of the store’s 40% off one item coupons.


For the larger bow look start out by cutting 4 pieces at 3-4 inches in length.


Cut your wire wreath ties in half so they will not be too long.


Roll each of the 4 pieces and pinch them in the middle.


Put all 4 pieces together and keep pinching the middle.


Use one of the ties and tie them together.


Tie the deco mesh bow to the wire wreath.


Next, repeat the process of cutting pieces into 3-4 inch lengths. You will only need 2 pieces this time instead of 4. Cut the pieces down the middle to create 4 smaller pieces this time. They don’t need to be perfect or even.


Roll the pieces and pinch them in the middle like before and tie them.



Tie them to the wreath


Repeat the process of cutting 2 pieces and cutting them down the middle. Then rolling, pinching, and tying. Keep repeating and tying these pieces to the wreath until you have made it all the way around.


This will be your final result!


Thanks so much Hannah for sharing your wreath “how to make” with us all. I would love to attempt to make a pretty fall wreath soon.



  1. Susan Mildred McKenzie says:

    Hi i have just watched your tutorial and think that would be a good one to start with. I have just had delivery of lots of Deco-mesh and am looking forward to experimenting. Thanks…. Susan

  2. Stacey Pleasant says:

    So you do the larger bows around the outside and the smaller ones in the middle?

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