How to Care for Wicker Furniture

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How to Care for Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is straw-woven furnishings that are made from either plant origin or plastic materials. These straw-woven materials are lightweight but solid at the same time. There are two kinds of furnishings: natural and synthetic. Natural is well known for being strong and durable. Synthetic uses plastic or resin and are the type mostly used outdoors.

Straw-woven furnishings should be cleaned on a weekly basis. This type of furniture takes very little effort to keep clean. You can wash your furnishings with dish soap in water. Use a soft cloth and wash the furnishings. To get into the crevices, you can use a toothbrush to reach all the small cracks so nothing is left behind.

You should remove the furnishings during rough weather such as rain, snow or heavy winds. If left outside during these harsh conditions, the fibers will begin to fade which causes the framing of the furnishings to warp. If you have a porch or patio with a wide overhang, you should be okay to leave your furnishings out for a limited time.

If you happen to see any mold or mildew on the furnishings, you will need to vacuum them first. Then use a brush with soft bristles to get rid of dirt and debris. Put some bleach in hot water and wash thoroughly. Be sure to rinse completely and let dry in the sun for two warm days. It will also help dry faster if it is windy outside.

You want to do some major cleaning on these furnishings once a year. You want to scrub them with a soft brush and a mix of dish soap and warm water. You then want to dry the furnishings quickly using a blow dryer. Apply a coating of shellac to seal the wicker so that they will preserve its natural color until next year.

It is important that you inspect your straw-woven furnishings often. You should check for nails or screw that are loose and if they are, replace them or tighten them. Be sure there are no straw wraps that are peeling and if there is, you will need to glue them back on.

If you have had your furnishings for a few years, you may have noticed the finish is fading. In this case, you will need to refinish the furnishings. It is important not to use sandpaper to take off the old finish. You want to use a chemical based stripper that is specially made for delicate materials. Wipe the stripping off with a soft cloth and then rinse well with warm water to make sure it is all removed. Dry it well with a soft cloth. Once you are ready to put the new finish on, it is best to use spray paint so that you are sure you get all the crevices coated.

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