Hiking In Costa Rica

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I have never been hiking before so I was really unprepared for a hiking trip in Costa Rica.I decided to create a list of needed items to bring along if you or I ever decide to go hiking again. If you are out of shape like myself, start walking before you go hiking. Your body will thank you for getting it prepared and in shape. I am over weight and had a really hard time hiking. I made it in the heat and on a guided 3 hour hike.

Make a checklist, and if you are hiking home away from home make sure you pack the much needed items for your trip.

  • Make sure you have the proper hiking shoes. (I packed Zumba shoes, what in the world was I thinking)
  • Have plenty of water, we were given 2 bottles of water. (grab extra if you can)
  • Backpack to carry all the items you need
  • Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses- protect your body as much as possible(wear light clothing )
  • First aid kit, including mosquito spray
  • Have your hiking trip planned out with a map and a compass (have a guide if possible)
  • Flash light
  • Matches/ or lighter
  • You may even want a light rain jacket or a light coat
  • You may also want to a towel or two.

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Most importantly do not forget your camera!!!

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