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Genetic Testing Dogs

We have recently decided to start breeding Labradors. As you all know, we have four Labradors and genetic testing is important when you breed. You want to produce the best of the best when breeding puppies. You do not want to bring in puppies that will have life long health problems. Genetic testing dogs will help eliminate any future issues for puppies. When selling puppies, you want to insure your potential buyers that you have taken the steps to provide them with healthy puppies .

Even with genetic testing you can always have some sort of issues. Lets take Berkeley for an example, he had to have his salivary gland removed. This is not something that we would have known by a genetics test. Berkeley also has Hemorrohagic Gastroenteritis. We have extensive medical bills with Berkeley.  We have been debating on getting pet insurance , if you have someone to recommend please let me know in the comments below.

Your dog deserves the best. Making informed decisions about your dog’s health is vital to its happy life now and in the future. Canine HealthCheck is not a breed identification test, but an easy at-home test that screens your dog’s DNA for a variety of genetic mutations causing inherited diseases and traits. Knowing your breed is only a small part of the story. Knowing your dog’s genetic health risk will allow you to:Care for those diseases that are treatable. Prepare for a pet emergency Predict future medical problems, saving costly veterinarian diagnostic workups What is Canine HealthCheck? The Canine HealthCheck is a screen of more than 150 genes that cause diseases or traits in dogs. It is easily collected in the comfort of your home – no veterinarian required! A 30 second swab of your dog’s cheek is sent to our laboratory where we screen the DNA to discover its genetic health status. High Capability: Screens more than 150 genetic mutations causing inherited diseases and traits Accessible: Results are displayed in your secure online account in 7-10 days upon sample receipt. They can be printed or downloaded. Customized: Sort your results based on breed, organ system, symptoms, and more Smart: Provides more useful information than a breed identification test – affected and carrier status provided for disease.

Paw Print Genetics has a breeder profile and you can check out my results on Berkeley and Bailey. You can click their names and you will get the results.

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