Fun Fall Activities

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There are so many fun things you can do with your family this fall. The list of activities your family could possibly enjoy is endless! However, anytime the weekend rolls around our minds tend to go blank and we can’t think of anything to do. I’m hoping this list will serve as your guide this fall, so your family always has a fun and affordable activity to enjoy.

10 Fun Family Fall Activities

1. Enjoy a Corn Maze – This is an activity that the entire family can enjoy no matter what the age. The best part is a corn maze is a lot of fun and very affordable!

2. Have a Pumpkin Carving Contest – Take a trip to your local pumpkin patch, pick out your favorite pumpkins and have a carving contest. Having a family friendly competition is a lot of fun and it’s always a so awesome to see what kind of pumpkin designs everyone comes up with.

3. Collect Pine cones – Spend an afternoon collecting pine cones and then turn them into a craft. There are so many fun things you can do with pine cones but one of the easiest is making a bird feeder.

4. Go to an Apple Orchid – Spend a day collecting apples at a local apple orchid and then come home and put those apples to use. You can make apple butter, apple sauce, apple cider or just bake a fresh apple pie.

5. Jump in the Leaves – What child doesn’t enjoy jumping in the leaves? Secretly, I think even most adults like jumping in the leaves. This is a free activity and the perfect time to snap some great pictures of your little ones.

6. Visit a Haunted House – This activity might be better suited for older children but none the less it’s still a fun activity! If your children are too young to enjoy a haunted house make it a date night with your sweetie.

7. Attend a Fall Festival – Most communities have some sort of fall festival, look for one in your area. A fall festival is a great family event that everyone no matter what the age can enjoy. Typically, a fall festival is very affordable!

8. Write a Thank You List – Have your family spend a day making a list of what they are thankful for. Once everyone is done making their list don’t forget to put the list in a safe place. It’s always fun to look at your list the following year.

9. ¬†Go On a Hike – The fall season is beautiful! Take advantage of the natural beauty and go on a hike. Don’t forget to bring your camera and snap lots of pictures of the family.

10. Go to a Football Game – You don’t have to spend big bucks on a NFL team but why not check out your local high school. Even if you don’t have children playing football at the high school, it’s still a great family outing. Not to mention this gives you a chance to meet other families in your community.

What is your favorite fall activity?

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