Family Fun Riding Atv’s

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My family loves spending time having fun. We tend to keep busy throughout the entire year. I may be 40 but I am not done having a good time. We started out with one 4 wheeler. I really did not have a interest in riding when we first bought the 4 wheeler. Then, one day my husband went riding with some friends on the lake. Our lake levels had dropped. He rode out to see how low the lake was and came home and told me “you have got to see the lake”. I told him I would go the following weekend.

low lake

Everything should be covered in water in the picture. We had a awful drought.

low lake 2

I went riding with my husband and had such a great time we had to purchase another 4 wheeler. We rode and rode every weekend. My daughter got a little older and we had to buy her a 4 wheeler also.

We enjoyed riding so much. The only major problem is finding places to ride. Luckily ,my husband is a member of a hunting club and we can ride the club.

We have been to Busco Beach, NC. Carolina Adventure World, in Columbia, SC. We had also been to Durhamtown, GA riding. I would love to visit other places to ride the 4 wheelers.

My husband sold his 4 wheeler and bought a rhino. He likes riding that a lot better because of his back. I love riding my 4 wheeler. I like finding a good ole mud hole and splash right through it.

Sometimes my husband seems to think he is on a boat.


What do you like doing as a family for fun?


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