DIY Plywood Flooring

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DIY Plywood Flooring

DIY Plywood Flooring is a easy way to make a room beautiful. Plywood is so much cheaper than vinyl, designer planks or actual hardwood. Having the plywood floors is cheaper not the easy way out. This is work, hard work. Get down and get dirty work. Simple, pretty much, back breaking of course. My husband has been a trooper and happy once the work has been done. I had my two bathroom priced for vinyl floors and was told it would be over a thousand for those rooms. I almost died. I had just checked out of Lowes for just about all my floors for less than $1,200.00. So for vinyl, well over thousand for bathrooms we decided we would do plywood in the bathrooms also. I am not sure of the exact dollar amount we have spent on this project but it has been the cheaper way to go with the floors.

We have done one bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room and a large hall way so far. We will be doing my bedroom in the near future but taking a break for now. We have all the materials to complete the bedroom. We will stop until next year once the bedroom is complete. Next January, we will start the man cave and the other three bedrooms.

If you want to DIY Plywood Flooring, I suggest you go to Ebay and look up Lowes coupons.We were able to save 10% on each of our shopping list and that savings adds up.

1/4″ Plywood (Measure enough to cover the room) We got Grade B / C Sanded plywood
We cut our plywood into 6″ Strips (Will need a table saw and some saw horses) You will have some extra wood left over by cutting into 6″ planks. Do not toss you can use that on the edges.
You will need a hand sander
You will need Liquid Nails– how many depends on how many rooms you are doing. We purchased a case and several extras.
Nail Gun
Minwax Stain (We used Early American)

First you need to cut the boards, then you will need to place the liquid nails down and lay the board on top. You will then nail the boards using a penny to keep the correct spacing between boards. Once the boards have been placed, you will sand them down. Then, you will sweep, and vacuum all dust particles. Once the floors are free from any debri you will stain using a towel or you can use a stain stick. You will want the stain stick less back breaking. Stain usually dries really fast, you will be ready to polyurthane the floors. Our polyurethane seemed like it took forever to dry. We put down three coats.

Wait a few days and return furniture and you will have beautiful floors.

The hall way

Please ask any questions you may have. We will do our best to answer as quickly as possible.

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