DIY Ornament Wreath

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This DIY Ornament wreath is a fun, easy, and creative craft to do this Holiday Season! Sometimes we all get a bunch of ornaments that just don’t match with the rest of them and you just don’t know what to do with them! Well, here’s a solution! Make a wreath! These ornament wreaths are gorgeous and a fun to make! So let’s get started on how to do it.

-Hot Glue Gun
-Sign to go in the middle (optional)
-Okay so first you’re going to make a simple circle with your ornaments, I chose to do my base circle with all one color ornaments and then add the accent colors later, however you can make it however you would like! You can do it all one color or a bunch of different colors, whatever you prefer! Just try to make the best circle you can, it doesn’t have to be absolutely PERFECT!
-Next, start gluing your accent colors on top and around the base circle in order to give the wreath a more FULL look! Just a little tip, try to keep things symmetrical! Your wreath will look weird if you don’t!
-Now, the last step would be if you do have a sign to go in the middle like mine, you’re just gonna put a little dot of glue on either end and glue it on top of the ornament that is the closest in that area!
DIY Ornament Wreath
-There you have it! Pretty easy right?! I know! You could also add a big christmas bow or ribbon to hang if you want! But it hangs on a door wreath hanger just fine without any type of hook or anything!


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