Deer Silhouette Glass Block Tutorial

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Deer Glass Block21

Deer Silhouette Glass Block Tutorial

Supplies Needed:

Glass Block (Purchased at Michaels)

Brown Vinyl

Clear Transfer Tape

Silhouette Cutting Machine

Battery Operated String Lights



Head over to the Silhouette online store and grab the Deer Corner file for just $0.99. Once you have purchased the file head over to the Silhouette Studio Software and upload it into a new document.  Once it’s uploaded head over to the scaling bar and resize to 5.5” x 5.5” which is the perfect size to fit on the front of this glass block.  Head over to cut settings and select vinyl as your material and set your blade to a 2 for the perfect cut.


Add your vinyl to your silhouette cutting mat and feed into machine and click Send to Silhouette. Once your cut is complete remove the excess vinyl and throw away.  This is a very easy image to weed out so I was happy about that.  Once it’s weeded place it on a flat surface and cover with transfer tape.  Press down firmly to ensure all of the vinyl sticks and slowly peel up from one corner to the next.  Once you have the Vinyl on your clear transfer tape eyeball placement on your glass block and press down firmly.  Remove the transfer tape slowly when you’re happy with the results and your glass block is complete.  To add a more romantic look carefully feed through a string of lights through the bottom provided hole and set up and enjoy.

These Glass blocks make fantastic home décor projects, gifts as well as nightlights and much more.