Cube Steak With Brown Gravy

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If you have not heard of the Ninja 3 in 1 Cooking system I am here to tell you I am loving this machine so far. I heard several people chatting about Target having the Ninja’s on clearance. I stopped by my closet Target and they did not have one in stock. The closet store with one in stock was 2 hours away. My daughter and I decided we would just go home. I got home and clean house some and piddled around the house. Around 3:30 pm last Sunday , I got the bright idea I would take that 2 hour ride to Garners Ferry Road in Columbia. I could not find anyone that wanted to ride with me so off I went. I called to make sure the Ninja was in stock. I asked if they could hold it for me sense I was driving 2 hours. They told me no, it was a clearance item and they could not hold it. I was so happy they still had it when I arrived. I have had the Ninja for a full week and have not cooked a meal in the cool machine until today.

If you are interested in finding a Ninja check your Target. If not you can get a Ninja 6-qt 3-in-1 Slow Cooking System through QVC. Sometimes they have specials for 5 easy pay.

Cube Steaks w/Onions and Gravy


8 butter steaks (you can use steak or cube steaks)

 1 pk of dry onion soup mix

 1 pk of brown gravy mix

 1 cup of flour

 2 large onions sliced

 1 tbsp. black pepper

 1 tsp. salt

 3 tbsp. of paprika

 3 tbsp. of olive oil

 1 ¾ cups of water


 Heat Ninja on high and put in olive oil (If you are using a crockpot, heat oil in frying pan)

 Season steaks with pepper and salt

 Flour butter steaks and add to pan when oil is hot

 Brown on both sides for 3-5 minutes

 Take steak out of pan and add onions

 Add paprika to the onions and put into pan and sautéed for 6 minutes

 Take out onions

 Mix onion soup and gravy mix with water, stir well

 Pour 1/3 of water on the bottom of Ninja or crockpot

 Put steaks back in Ninja or crockpot

 Put onions on top

 More remaining onion and gravy mix on top of steaks

 Set on low for 5-6 hrs.


Serve with mashed potatoes, rice or egg noodles. You can also double the gravy if you like more gravy. Please check out Laurie’s Facebook group if you love this Ninja Recipe.

cube steak

The finished look. My husband said they look a little burnt. The flavor was great. Hope you enjoy and if you cook them please let me know.



  1. Love it & it was super easy…I served it with mashed potatoes, green beans & yeast roll😊. Wish I could attach a photo.

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