Beach Day

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Do you ever need a break and just unwind? I was invited to ride to Garden City, SC yesterday to spend a day with my family.My aunt rented a beach house for the week. My mom called me on Tuesday at work and asked if I would like to go. I said “I work” and I am not sure if I could get off.I asked my boss and was told that “no” because my boss needed to go to Charleston. I said,” I understood and it was no biggie”. When I got home my boss texted me, and said I could take off and she would go to Charleston on Thursday.I hardly ever miss work and when I do plan to take off, I usually know in advance to plan a day off.I called my mom and told her I would be coming along.

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(you can see the storm moving in)


We arrived to Garden City around 10:30 am. We put on our swimsuits and off to the beach we went. The beach was cloudy and a rain storm was coming in that afternoon.I was so happy we was able to enjoy some time on the beach. I could not tell you how long it has been since I have sat on the beach listening to the waves come in.I have been to the beach many times shopping and out to eat but not actually on the water.I love the ocean smells and the sweet breeze that you get compared to the lake. Madison had a mishap yesterday and she ended up a little upset. She was playing with her cousin Kinsey, and some how her sun shades ended up in the ocean. She was unable to locate her Costa’s. When we left the house Madison realized she left her shades at home, my mom turned around so she could get them.My mom told Madison it is bad luck to turn around. You know what mom was right since Madison lost them.

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The kids had a great time playing in the water. My mom made chicken salad,and had a nice sandwich lunch and enjoyed the day at the Ocean.

I enjoyed the day un-plugged, and had fun with the family at the beach for the day. Do you often un-plug and take a break and enjoy the small things in life?

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Madison walking with Parker.I will be going back to the beach for a week in September. The weather was great even with the little bit of rain.It has been so hot the past few days it made the day more enjoyable and not humid at all.



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