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AutoRight SteamMachine


AutoRight SteamMachine Steam Machine Review

I have had the AutoRight SteamMachine for a few weeks. I could not wait to try it out on my daughters car. We still have a few more seats to steam clean and the floors. We have had a lot of rainy afternoons so I haven’t been able to get outside much to get the whole car completed. You can see in the second picture that the stains came out.

The AutoRight SteamMachine has so many uses, and I can not wait to try out the AutoRight SteamMachine on my oven. The quick change accessories include; crevice tool, Jet nozzle, large and small nylon brushes (black bristles), large and small soft nylon brushes (grey bristles), large and small Brass brushes, squeegee with base and a poly/cotton Bonnet. The AutoRight steam cleaner uses pressurized, high temperature steam to loosen and dissolve dirt, grease and grime. The steammachine leaves behind no chemical residue and disinfects 99% of All germs and bacteria. This steamer is compact and portable and the wheels allow the steamer to follow you as you clean.

Does your shower have soap scum? You can quickly steam the scum away with the AtuoRight SteamMachine. The sinks and even the yucky toilets. The power of steam and no chemicals cleans amazing . I have been brainstorming on what can I steam clean. There are so many tools on board,to try out. I love how almost all the tools fit in the steam machine. You fill up the steam machine, using the cup and funnel. Then you turn on the machine and you will need to wait until the yellow light turns off. Once it turns off the steam and built up and ready to go to work. Be careful, it is extremely hot. The wand has a on /off switch. Make sure it is off when switching out the tools, also make sure to poor out any excess water you do not use.

Now, I am off to try out the AutoRight SteamMachine on my oven. I will update the results on my Facebook page.

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