A Flight Carry-On Must Have List

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My Must Have For A Flight Carry-On

I have been on several flights in the past few years. Most of the flights have been around 3 or more hours. My first flight I was not prepared and was extremely bored. I learned a lesson and that was I needed to get prepared.

  • Travel Pillow
  • Fluffy socks or a light weight jacket- Sometimes I would get chilly on the plane
  • iPad , or laptop- some flights have wifi
  • Good book or a crossword puzzle ,or a couple of magazines
  • iPod
  • If you are flying internationally make sure you have a pen so you can fill out the correct paperwork
  • Do not forget phone charges, and laptop charger
  • Camera and extra batteries
  • Keep your important documents with you such as passports,trip instructions, drivers license
  • Sunshades

I know I may be missing a few things.Most of the trips I have been on have been international flights.I have never taken a purse with me .I normally have a small backpack .I keep a small amount of cash and my credit card that I am taking. I also leave my jewelry home .

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