10 Recommended Cookbooks

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As you all know, I love exploring in the kitchen. I may not be the best cake baker but I love trying new dinners for my family. I also know you have just about any recipe within arms reach by typing in what you are looking for online. However, there is nothing like having an actual book in your hand for recipes. I love simple and fun meals also. CQ Products has so many different types of cookbooks to pick from is is hard deciding on which would be my favorite.  I will say I love the easy desserts, simple even I shouldn’t mess them up. We are having a family dinner tomorrow so I will give a dessert a try tomorrow.

Which cookbook would you like best?

Lets take a look at a few of my favorite cookbooks

Campfire Treats

Campfire Treats is loaded with ideas for fun treats and guides you through at-a-glance recipes for yummy anytime goodies. Enjoy fan-favorites like Fudgy-Orange Campfire Cakes baked in foil, Bacon-Cheese Dogs made on a stick and Philly Cheese steaks that you put together in a pie iron.

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dump and bake

Short on time or just looking for an easy dinner? Then these dump and bake dinners are for you. No need to waste your time browning meat or dirtying bowls when you can prep and cook in one dish. Just dump in your ingredients, let the dish cook to perfection, and enjoy! Super easy to prepare yet deliciously satisfying, these meals are perfect for busy weeknights and lazy weekends. Try the tasty Teriyaki Chicken, so-simple Skillet Lasagna, or the yummy Reuben Bake. Any way you dish it, these quick meals will be favorites!

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pull aparts

Simply tear & share. And, with pull-apart breads, it's easy to do both! Whether stuffed, stacked, rolled or twisted, these reinvented recipes are fully loaded with deliciousness and turn classic flavors into crowd-pleasing favorites. Start the night off right with Cheesy Bacon & Garlic Pulls, Buffalo Chicken Pockets or Skillet Rolls (There's creamy dip baked right in the center!). Try a new spin on sandwiches with hot-from-the-oven Reuben Pulls or a Monte Cristo loaf. Then dig into mouthwatering Caramel Skillet S'mores or an irresistible Strawberry Cheesecake Ring for dessert. Fresh-Baked Fun Just Pull, Eat and Repeat!

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dump cake

Dump And Bake Desserts Cookbook
For the ultimate no-fuss prep, just grab a pan, toss in the ingredients, stir & bake--what could be easier? Dump & Bake Desserts includes recipes for scrumptious tarts, pies, bars, cakes & more without a mixer and best of all, without a mess!

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freezer to slow cooker

Crazy busy and tired of wondering what's for dinner? Take away all that decision-making and save yourself lots of time with these easy freezer meals! All of the prep is done ahead of time and in just an afternoon, you can put together an assortment of homemade meals to feed your hungry household for weeks. For those busy days, just thaw and pop one into your slow cooker and you'll come home to a made-from-scratch, ready-to-eat dinner. And all that time you gained? Spend it enjoying your family, then pat yourself on the back because the healthy, homemade meal you are about to put on the table took hardly any effort at all.

From Shortcut Lasagna and Thai Lettuce Wraps to Apricot Chicken and Steak Fajitas, these dishes are deliciously simple and budget-friendly.
Now that's smart cooking!


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foil packs
Use the good silver!

Aluminum foil, that is. Foods tucked inside foil packs create casual meals that come out tasting moist and delicious. Just cook the packs while you relax. And dirty dishes? There are none. Simply eat right out of the pack and toss the foil away.

Each recipe provides directions for cooking the packs either over a fire or on the grill, making it easy to choose the method that works best for you.

Outdoor cooking? It s a wrap with foil packs!

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poke cake

Poke a baked cake full of holes with a wooden spoon or fork-and then let scrumptious mixtures seep in for moist deliciousness in every bite. Make 'em light and refreshing or rich and decadent. Take these cakes further than just plain ol' strawberry gelatin and enjoy the yumminess of new poke-cake favorites like Banana Cream, Peanut Butter-Chocolate, Raspberry Lemonade, Butterfinger, French Toast, and Cookies & Cream. Bake it, poke it, fill it, and eat it up-that's the sweet simplicity of poke cakes!

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more dump cakes
Here's a whole new batch of quick, easy dump cakes to savor. With no dirty bowls and no tedious mixing time, you can toss together a scrumptious dessert on short notice.

Try a light 3-ingredient wonder like Piña Colada Angel Food or go for more gusto with the decadent Scotcheroo.

Experiment with twists on tradition when you make Strawberry-Rhubarb or Cranberry Delight.

Ready for something deliciously unique? Sweet Potato or Lemon Poppy Seed will fit the bill.

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dutch oven cooking
Dutch Oven Cooking

There's so much to love about Dutch ovens! They're perfect for outdoor cooking and no experience is needed with these easy-to-follow recipes. Start the day with Breakfast Pizza, scoop up some Chicken Tortilla Soup and Cornbread for lunch, and finish the day with Campfire Lasagna and Blueberry Cobbler.

Just gather around a cozy campfire and let the cooking begin! Simple. Satisfying. Fun. It s campfire cooking at its best.

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pie iron
Wanna do some incredible fireside cooking this weekend?

With a pie iron and a fire, you’ll find yourself creating unbelievably delicious campfire food with all kinds of yummy crusts and fillings. In just a matter of minutes, you can be enjoying a toasty meal, snack, or dessert with amazing results. And, as a bonus, everyone can do their own cooking!

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